Mobile App Protection Suite

MpiloTech is a proud reseller of Zimperium Mobile Application Protection Suite. Zimperium, Inc. is a global leader in mobile device and app security, offering real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats on Android, iOS and Chromebook endpoints.
"Zimperium’s on-device mobile threat protection technology is well-suited to providing In-App Protection from both known and, hugely importantly, unknown threats."

Chris Marsh
Research Director for Enterprise Mobility at 451
Benefits of Protecting your Mobile App using Zimperium
  • Comprehensive On Device Protection: On-device, machine learning- based mobile security for device, network, phishing, and malicious app attacks.
  • Threat Visibility: Provide real-time device threat telemetry across install base for Security, Risk, and compliance teams.
  • Dynamic Threat Response: On device response can be updated dynamically without needing a new app version.
  • Security Ecosystem Integrations: Dashboard integrates with SIEM/SOAR and other Incident response systems.
  • Easy To Implement: Quickly and invisibly embeds as an SDK inside apps resulting in 100% security adoption.
  • Negligible Overhead: Has negligible overhead and minimal permission requirements.
  • Flexible Deployment Models: Solution can be deployed as a SaaS and On- Premises.
  • Native and Hybrid App Support: Supports apps built using via Native and Hybrids frameworks.
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