Greatness in our

Purpose Over Profit

Our purpose is to Unearth Greatness in our People, our Solutions and our Society.

We achieve this by consistently innovating, leveraging Leading-Edge Technologies (Temenos Quantum & Infinity), Software Development Methodologies (Agile - Scrum) and Best Practice Frameworks (CMMI 2.0), thereby ensuring only the highest quality inputs and outputs, building authentic relationships with our various stakeholders, and working together to identify and create digital opportunities that make a real difference in addressing the varied needs of a rapidly changing world.

We are a Level 1 BEE contributor with a range of advanced, globally competitive but locally relevant digital solutions, spanning Multi - Experience Application Development, Digital Banking Front Office Solutions, UX/UI Research and Design as well as Resource Augmentation.

Why Join MpiloTech?

#TechSlayer Digital Intern Programme

South Africa is confronting many socioeconomic challenges, a country where rampant unemployment and inequality shape the present and future reality of millions of people. A country that continues to be affected by the digital divide, where roughly 2 out of 5 people still have no Internet access. A country where Digital Content creators exclude the majority of South Africans.

At MpiloTech we are attempting to bridge this Digital Content Creation divide by giving access to previously disadvantaged individuals who would ordinarily get opportunities to become Digital Designers, Developers and other Digital related job opportunities. Thus far we have given jobs to more than 25 young people the bulk of whom have no more than a matric certificate some of whom were working in unrelated fields such as the security and cleaning service sectors.

As an example of this our User Experience (UX/UI) team is made up almost exclusively of individuals who started without any Digital Design skills. Today they have obtained on the job experience and formal UX Design certifications with one obtaining online User Experience Design certificate from the University of Cape Town.

St Johns Academy Mobile Dev Programme

The St John’s College Academy is now in its 11th year, an after-school enrichment programme for boys in Grades 10 to 12, promoting excellence in Mathematics, Physical Science, English and Life Skills.

The Academy currently serves 72 boys from disadvantaged backgrounds in our community of Berea, Hillbrow and Yeoville who attend government schools in Hillbrow and Highlands North.

MpiloTech has undertaken to train the Academy boys in Mobile App Development using the Temenos Quantum Multi-Experience Application Platform. The boys are encouraged to come up with App ideas that will solve problems in their communities or apps that they could monetise. The MpiloTech interns have taken up the mantel in teaching the Academy boys and its proving to be valuable for the both the boys and the MpiloTech interns.

MpiloTech call to action!

South Africa faces a massive technical skills shortage, with the IT sector bearing the brunt of this, currently ranking top of the list in terms of industries most in need of skilled professionals (incl. project managers, business analysts, systems designers and software developers).

In spite of these and other challenges, South Africa remains a country of latent possibilities yet to be discovered. A country with so much talent still to be uncovered. And potential to be a truly great player in the global IT arena.

As MpiloTech, a proudly South African business with an impressive track record, we have the opportunity to drive digital transformation and real change that will allow the country to reach new levels in future. A business with the potential to be a model of excellence for our people, our industry, our country, our continent and our world.

With all of the above in mind our sense of purpose drives us to Unearth Greatness in our People, our Solutions and our Society.
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