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What We Do

Since its inception MpiloTech has been engaged the building of its Software Development competency in the form of a formal methodology that spans the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our methodology whose foundations lie on the back of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and specifically version 2.0 which builds and expands on the Agile methodology. Our Agile Delivery Practice is purpose built taking into consideration a number of factors including:
  • MpiloTech Technology and People culture
  • Technology frameworks adopted
  • Our extensive experience and expertise in the Software Development space
  • Engagement with large Financial Services customers.
The MpiloTech Managed Service offering is a convergence of our Managed Technology Resourcing, Professional Services and our Software Development Practice. With this service we are able to provide our clients with a full delivery mechanism to deliver custom developed applications making use of the MpiloTech Agile Delivery Approach across various technology stacks.

Low Code App Development

We believe in making use of the world's best leading edge technologies! Our chosen tech for bespoke software development projects is VoltMX. It enables faster delivery and improves business control of digital transformation projects by combining the ease and speed of low code with the power of the leading enterprise-grade multi-experience development platform.

Our Agile Delivery Approach

The Foundation of Bespoke Application Development practice is Capability Maturity Model Integrated -CMMIv2.0. It strengthens Agile Scrum processes through direct guidance included in the Core-Practice Areas. It improves Agile deployment by scaling Agile adoption across the enterprise. Furthermore, CMMI V2.0 for Agile helps us to maintain a constant pace indefinitely with Agile methods, techniques, and an entire Capability Area around best practice for managing maintaining progress.

CMMI v2.0 is an integrated set of best practices that improve our capability to develop quality products and service that meet the need of our customers and end users. We have modelled our Agile Delivery Approach ensuring that we cover the CMMI v2.0 Practice Areas required to achieve a maturity level 3.We are scheduled to undertake a CMMIv2.0 appraisal mid June 2021 which will results in achieving CMMI v2.0 Maturity level 3 - a first in South Africa.

What - Our Foundation?

The Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) V2.0 is the foundation of our software development methodology, It has been designed to meet the challenges of the changing global business landscape. CMMI 2.0 for Development is a proven set of best practices that drives business performance through building and benchmarking key software development capabilities.

How - Custom Modelled Agile Delivery Approach!

The MpiloTech Agile Delivery Approach is custom modelled taking into account our culture, experience and best practice frameworks like CMMI 2.0 Our approach takes into consideration the entire SDLC and is implemented over 3 phases namely Discovery, Implementation (Design, Development, Test and Deploy) and Launch.

Our Tech Stacks

MpiloTech has significant expertise and experience in a number of different enterprise technology stacks including Java/JEE and Dot Net. However, our flagship development technology is the Temenos Quantum Multi Experience Application Development Platform. It enables faster delivery and improves business control of digital transformation projects by combining the ease and speed of low code with the power of the leading enterprise-grade multi-experience development platform.

VoltMX Low Code P

7 Years
Leadership in mobile development, multi-experience, and digital transformation
Apps live on our global SaaS cloud
Annual Growth on Cloud Usage
Average increase in service delivery lifecycle (SDLC) productivity

VoltMX Low Code Platform Overview

Low-Code Developer Productivity

Create Digital experience using a low-code approach in the form of modern web apps, true native apps conversational apps, wearables and immiscible experiences.


Maximize the reuse of components and back-end integration across a unified and seamless experience in the form of progressive web apps, native mobile apps, Intelligent chatbot conversational apps, wearables, and more.

Simplified Data

Use connectors to quickly integrate with data, create new services, orchestrate and transform data, and configure backend business processes.

Modern & Engaging User Experience

Design Amazing application for any audience across any device with no limits on user experience.

Limitless Flexibility & Scalability

Deliver engaging employee, Consumer, and partner application of any scale and complexity on a unfield digital experience.

Web Apps

Combine the performance and rich user experience of native with the flexibility and simplified maintenance of web by using modern web capabilities and creating application as progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Automated Testing
& Integrated DevOps

Continuously build and deliver application with greater speed and agility using automated build, publish, and testing tool that easily integrates with your existing DevOps infrastructure.

Effortless Security
& Protection

A single click enables multi-layered security for both the client application and back-end-services. Quantum security defends against compromise, detects and reacts to attacks, and provides data and identify protection with enterprise grade security certification.


Our learn-and-leverage approach to digital innovation simplifies next-gen capability adoption by making technologies like intelligent chatbots, augmented reality (AR). Wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), and more easily accessible in our platform.
And many more - You name them, we source them!
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